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We were in Poland for the Partners Meeting between 16-19 December!

Between 16-19 December, the partners meeting of our Culturally Diverse, Humanly United project was held in Wroclaw, Poland.Central European Trainers Platform hosted the meeting attended by Danish Intercultural Organization from Denmark, TDM 2000 from Italy, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development from Greece, Corbiz and Diyarbakır Provincial Directorate of National Education from Turkey.

The meeting started by reviewing the work of the project partners in the past period and the contents of the research and focus group meetings within the scope of the project work. In addition, the necessary skills for diversity management were determined at the meeting and a draft of the diversity management skill set, which is another intellectual output of our project, was prepared.

Finally, the planned form of the intellectual outputs, their potential use and expected impact were discussed.


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