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The Final Meeting of Our Culturally Diverse Humanly United Project

Between 27-30 November the final meeting of our Culturally Diverse Humanly United project was held in Cagliari, Italy. Associazione TDM 2000 hosted the meeting attended by Danish Intercultural Organization from Denmark, Central European Trainers Platform from Poland, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development from Greece, Corbiz and Diyarbakır Provincial Directorate of National Education from Turkey.

Final the meeting started by reviewing the work of the project partners from the past until now. It continued by making evaluations about the "Blended Mobility" event held in the past days.

The missing works and the duties that need to be completed, the contents were determined. Online education platform, platform contents, cultural diverse videos and dissemination activities were determined, task distribution was made.

Finally, The final report was planned as the last meeting of the Culturally Diverse Humanly United project.


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