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We believe one of the key competences of the 21st century in Europe and not only will be the development of diversity management skills – skills to empathize, communicate and seek win-win solutions in contexts which are culturally, ethnically and age-wise diverse. The development of such skills is crucial to the development of a peaceful and prospering Europe. 


Yet it can only happen through cross-sectoral partnership in which businesses, schools and youth workers join forces to create educational frame and resources for the development of such skills.


The project will bring together organizations which will promote cultural diversity with proven expertise in cultural learning and it will create a methodology, learning course and learning materials to teach, instill and promote the development of such skills.


The project will be innovative by establishing the idea of diversity management skills which are: intercultural understanding, intercultural communication, empathy for diversity, seeking win-win solutions and solving problems in a culturally diverse context. Such skills are crucial both for everyday life and the future career prospects of young people. The project aims to create a methodology, a learning course and learning materials to teach skills related to diversity management. The methodology, learning course and educational materials will be created in a cross-sectoral partnership, taking into consideration the business experience of partners and the need for young people to be able to communicate in an ever more diverse environment than ever before. The project concept is mostly based on the years-long experience of project partners in intercultural understanding and the expertise of the in creating methodologies.


Project will also have an educational perspective. By working with students coming from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, the project consortium will find solutions to the challenges of the lack of skills to solve problems and build long lasting cultural understanding on a daily basis.



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