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CDHU Project Reports!

CDHU project aims to support the emotional and personal development of young people aged 15-29 by providing the mentality, skills, and tools necessary to live, work and study

in a socially diverse society. In addition, it aims to develop the capacity of educators and youth workers to teach, inspire and train on social inclusion and diversity management.

The project will bring together organizations that will promote cultural diversity with proven expertise in cultural learning and create a methodology, learning course and learning experience. The first intellectual output of the project is Current Situation Analysis on Diversity Management in Partner Countries and European Level. In this report, you can examine in detail the research conducted by all partner countries. You can find the answers to the questions of what is diversity management and why do we need it, how does it benefit us in business life, education life and social life. You can also see examples of the work of partner countries in the report, which includes success stories and good practices of each partner country. The surveys we have conducted and the results of these surveys are also included in the last part of the report.

Download PDF • 10.01MB

EN_IO1 Report
Download PDF • 22.23MB

Download PDF • 3.25MB

GR_IO1 Report
Download PDF • 3.21MB


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