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We Host the Partners Meeting of the Culturally Diverse, Humanly United Project

The partners meeting of our Culturally Diverse, Humanly United project was held in Istanbul on 12-13 May. The meeting hosted by CORBIZ was attended by Danish Intercultural Organization from Denmark, TDM 2000 from Italy, Central European Trainers Platform from Poland, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development from Greece and Diyarbakır Provincial Directorate of National Education from Turkey.

In the first stage of the meeting, checks were made on the latest situation and the outputs obtained. Activities were planned to disseminate the obtained outputs in local and social media. In the other phase, the module design that will emerge with training activities, creative video ideas and different ideas on disseminating the skills and awareness that should be acquired against the diversity and inclusion obtained in the previous outputs was carried out, and the third output was drafted.

Finally, the activities to be held until the next meeting and the main topic of the next meeting were determined. The idea of ​​creating an online education platform on diversity and multiculturalism and the creation of a digital content that combines all outputs were started.


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