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The First Meeting!

We Held the First Face-to-face Partners Meeting of the CDHU Project in Greece

We attended the first face-to-face meeting of the project partners of our Culturally Diverse Humanly United project in Larissa, Greece, between 12-15 September. At the beginning of the meeting, the presentation of the partners took place. Afterwards, the sustainability of the contents implemented in the project, the designs to be used in the project dissemination process, the quality of the activities to be carried out and the review of the joint meeting dates to be held during the project were on our agenda.

We have planned our activities until the end of the year by evaluating the works carried out so far in our project, which prioritizes Cultural Diversity and the dissemination of diversity management skills among young people. At the same time, we reviewed the final version of our "Current Situation Analysis of Europe and Partner Countries in the Field of Diversity Management", which will be the first intellectual output of our project. Another output from the meeting was the Skills Library Toolkit for Diversity Management.

Thanks to the report we will publish with our partners in the near future, we will have created an academic resource that deals with the approaches, advantages and disadvantages in the field of diversity management in Europe and Turkey.


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